Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I may be knitting rosemary's baby

I have hit a knitting wall. Although I have three things actively on the needles, and another hopeful project languishing in the corner, only one of them is going well.

I am being continually frustrated by Muir, who I can't rip out (and why would I want to?). I get through about four perfect repeats, and then, as though this shawl is possessed by Satan, the pattern just stops making sense. Every time.

Pomatomus isn't going well - I somehow managed to become two rows ahead on one needle. How on earth that happened without an obvious looking glitch is completely beyond me. At one point I started having dreams about ripping it out, and finally, as I was drifting off to sleep one day, it occurred to me that I could probably rip out one needle at a time about five or ten rows back and just start again from there - I have no problem frogging, it just terrified me to no end to take out all the needles at once and have to work out that many stitches. Gosh, I'm brilliant (I keep telling myself that, but I have yet to act on this. I am still terrified. I keep telling myself I'm "not up to it right now," then I go work on the shawl from Hades, and then I'm really not up for it).

The wedding afghan is going beautifully. I wish I could have used a nicer yarn, but it's hard to find quality, color, and washability in an affordable price range. Besides, aside from being acrylic, the Lion Brand yarn is so deliciously colored, I could eat it. And let's not forget: machine washable.

I got some koigu in the mail the other day. Not enough for the mermaid gloves I want to make (ha ha HA - I'm struggling with the pomatomus sock and now I want to struggle with the glove version! I am so smart - S-M-R-T), but enough to convince me I need to buy enough to make the gloves. SO PRETTY. Hopefully those will go a little better.

Jason and I are taking a trip to San Francisco soon. I need something small I can take on the plane, because I think he'll tease me to no end if I need a second suitcase to pack the afghan.

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