Monday, January 28, 2008

Stupid Mutant Seed Stitch Bastard

I've been working on the Burridge Lake Afghan for some friends of ours who are getting married this summer. If there are two people in this world that I can think of who I would bear knitting an entire afghan for, it is these two. They are so perfectly matched, so comfortably in tune with each other, that I have no doubt that they will make each other happy for a very long time, and that makes me more than thrilled to knit each and every stitch of this blanket for them.

That being said...

The entire time I have been knitting this thing, ripping back cables that are less than perfect, making sure each and every stitch is the stitch it is "supposed to be"...I have been thinking, "What a stupid fucking transition [between the cables]. Why is this thing some mutant seed stitch rib pattern? Why not just a rib?"

I asked Jason about it, "Do you think this transition looks stupid?"

"No," he said, "It looks great."

Well, after some ravelry browsing, I noticed that a few people have cast on with me this January. And of the pictures I can see clearly, I am but one person who interpreted the stitches as the mutant seed stitch and not a rib. That makes me feel better. As a person, I mean.

As far as this afghan goes?

Well, I will be ripping it out and starting over.

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