Saturday, October 4, 2008

Like Candy

I have been saving a skein of Lorna's Laces yarn for almost two years now, waiting for something special to come along. It didn't happen until I decided to do a little bit of de-stashing, and I saw the potential for hand warmers/gloves in the skein. I lost my first pair of dashing gloves (left them behind on the T), and so I figured that even though I have a great pair of fingerless gloves in my mermaid gloves, I needed a "fun" pair for this winter, too.

Candy Dashing

Pattern: Dashing from Knitty
Yarn: Lorna's Laces shepherd worsted multi in watercolor
Needles: size 6 clover dpns

Nothing too exciting, just the pattern as written, with fingers instead of the open cast off that the pattern calls for. With these needles and this yarn, I usually knit 10 rows in pattern, then make the fingers 9 rows of stockinette before I cast off - that seems to be a good height that allows for dexterity while also being long enough to provide warmth, and it looks better than stumpy fingers.

As if it weren't obvious how much I love this pattern (these patterns if you consider fetching), I'm knitting another pair of modified gloves based on dashing for a friend. Seriously can't get enough of this quick and easy fix to a little problem I have called "not being able to finish things."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Is The Status All Up In Here

It's been a while since I've had a status update, and that's mostly because all I've been doing is working on the blanket. The wedding was two weekends ago, and I'm still working on the blanket. I finally caved in and bought them a small gift from etsy, so the pressure is off - although I do want to finish this afghan before their one year anniversary!

Burridge Lake Afghan

So while the afghan was going along, I kind of took a major detour. You saw the first Swallowtail...but there's a new and improved Swallowtail V2.0:

Swallowtail V2.0 Blocking

Yep, I took time away from the blanket to [selfishly] knit myself another shawl, but this time I did it up right! I'm still confused as to why mine seems So Much smaller than some of the others on Ravelry, but I know it has to do with needles and yarn and blocking, and anyway I'm very happy with it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Swallowtail Shawl

Swallowtail Shawl

pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
yarn: knitpicks shimmer in turquoise splendor
needles: size 5 addi lace needles

What has two thumbs and binds off too tightly? This girl.

Aside from the issues with the scallops, this was a beautiful knit - I plan on doing it again with different yarn and/or smaller needles (the project requires size 4 needles). I will also bind off with my biggest needles or something. Someone please tell me how and why this was so f*ing difficult. The shawl is lovely, it's not the shawl's problem - but I am full of the rage when I look at that unscalloped border.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mermaid Gloves

I finally finished my mermaid gloves! This is by far my favorite piece of finished knitting. I love how delicate they look, how perfectly the thumbs worked out, the color of the yarn...everything about these gloves is perfect.

...Well, almost everything. As usual, one is shorter than the other, but only by about two or three rows. I can deal with it, although I kind of wanted to poke my eyes out when I first realized it.

Mermaid Gloves

pattern: Mermaid Gloves by craftoholic
yarn: koigu kpm in colorway 2174
needles: clover dpns, size 1

I knit the pomatomus pattern as it was written. Three repeats. Then I got to the thumb.

The thumbs seemed to be a problem for everyone knitting these things (everyone who admitted it on ravelry, anyway). I was so terrified when I first started the thumbs (on both gloves, believe it or not), I pooped my pants. After I changed my pants, I took a deep breath, and went for it. This is my story.

In between a (horizontal) pattern repeat (it doesn't really matter which one), I made a stitch. I forget how I did it, but pick a method (k1 f&b, or m1, or something) that you feel comfortable with. I put stitch markers on either side of that stitch, and finished the row as the pattern was written. I continued with the pattern, as written, on the next row until I got to the stitch marker. ktb, and continue the pattern. The important thing to remember here is that you are only increasing every other row. You might be thinking, "uh...duh." Congratulations. You are smarter than me. I didn't actually make this mistake, but only because someone else on ravelry mentioned that she had. Thank you, ravelry. I continued as follows:

row 3: m1r, ktbl, m1l
row 4: p, ktbl, p
row 5: m1r, p, ktbl, p, m1l
row 6: ktbl, p, ktbl, p, ktbl

and etc, for 22 rows (one full pattern repeat). (m1l - or m1front, and m1r - or m1back are explained beautifully here at

There is no need to cast on extra stitches. Maybe that's how you make thumb holes. I know that I have made mittens like that. But these gloves look much more elegant if, when you are done with the pattern repeat, you put your thumb stitches on waste yarn, and knit the next row as if they don't even exist. Knit half of a pattern repeat, and then start your fingers. After my first finger is done, I like to do my thumb first, then finish the last three fingers.

I just do fingers. I have no idea how to explain it, because it's not always logical. I know that my first glove has perfect fingers. I had no idea I was such a great knitter. Then the second glove was sloppy. That's how it always is. I wasn't such a great knitter, actually - it was a fluke.

Anyway, browsing the gallery on ravelry I didn't see a single set of these gloves that didn't look absolutely lovely. Some people don't like the pattern...some people think it's fussy...but if you're thinking about making these, I think that you will love them - even if you think it's fussy to make them :) And honestly, even if you don't like them, I promise you will get a ton of compliments when you knit these in public. It was the first time I experienced genuine jealousy - I could feel people coveting these gloves. They are just. that. fabulous.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I've been getting antsy and so frustrated with this blanket (not the project itself, but how LONG it takes to knit a blanket) that I decided to break up the monotony by knitting myself a hat.

Bead Close-up

I have had some Jaeger Matchmaker dk yarn in my stash for a while; one skein was left over after I made these socks. I didn't know what to do with the third skein for a while, but I had always kind of allocated it to make Grumperina's Odessa hat. This was...almost two years ago. I finally bought beads on Tuesday, then sat down to make this hat. It took three days from my blanket, but I was grateful for the distraction and the (finally) satisfaction of starting and completing a project, without feeling like it will never. end.

I'm not a big fan of this style of hat, actually. I prefer newsboy caps...but I always seem to lose my cute hats, and wind up using these knitted hats, anyway. So they may as well be cute. With beads.

Odessa Complete

Monday, February 25, 2008

What do you mean I have to make a second one?

Mermaid Mitts

This glove has gone beautifuly, even if it's gone a little bit more slowly than I would have liked. I mean...uh, I have to make a second one? UGH.

I fully believe that a) it will be well worth it and b) these will be a favorite pair of gloves.

I'm excited. Kind of.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I may be knitting rosemary's baby

I have hit a knitting wall. Although I have three things actively on the needles, and another hopeful project languishing in the corner, only one of them is going well.

I am being continually frustrated by Muir, who I can't rip out (and why would I want to?). I get through about four perfect repeats, and then, as though this shawl is possessed by Satan, the pattern just stops making sense. Every time.

Pomatomus isn't going well - I somehow managed to become two rows ahead on one needle. How on earth that happened without an obvious looking glitch is completely beyond me. At one point I started having dreams about ripping it out, and finally, as I was drifting off to sleep one day, it occurred to me that I could probably rip out one needle at a time about five or ten rows back and just start again from there - I have no problem frogging, it just terrified me to no end to take out all the needles at once and have to work out that many stitches. Gosh, I'm brilliant (I keep telling myself that, but I have yet to act on this. I am still terrified. I keep telling myself I'm "not up to it right now," then I go work on the shawl from Hades, and then I'm really not up for it).

The wedding afghan is going beautifully. I wish I could have used a nicer yarn, but it's hard to find quality, color, and washability in an affordable price range. Besides, aside from being acrylic, the Lion Brand yarn is so deliciously colored, I could eat it. And let's not forget: machine washable.

I got some koigu in the mail the other day. Not enough for the mermaid gloves I want to make (ha ha HA - I'm struggling with the pomatomus sock and now I want to struggle with the glove version! I am so smart - S-M-R-T), but enough to convince me I need to buy enough to make the gloves. SO PRETTY. Hopefully those will go a little better.

Jason and I are taking a trip to San Francisco soon. I need something small I can take on the plane, because I think he'll tease me to no end if I need a second suitcase to pack the afghan.