Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Take That, Apple!

Jason bought a new camera recently, and shortly after, he said to me

I know you have a lot of projects going right now, but I was wondering if you had time to knit a camera cover for me.
We had been to a wedding in Pennsylvania recently, and a friend had his camera in an Apple iPod sock. He had shown us (proudly) how the camera fit in the sock when he visited Boston in February, but I suppose with the sock fresh on his mind, and the fact that camera cases don't fit in his pants (like lots of other things), Jason actually requested knitting. From me. I was so excited, but I played it cool. Besides, who knows if and when it will stop being camera cozies and start being bigger things in colors I don't like and yarns my hands hate?

This is a guy, by the way, who is completely awesome and sweet about my knitting, and is very grateful when I do bestow knitted gifts on him, but he also teases me mercilessly and perpetually about my yarn stash. (I should never have asked him to make sure I didn't buy yarn until I finished what I had on the needles. Who knew he'd actually take me seriously?!)

Anyway, I was so excited about being asked, and about his faith in my knitting that I made him a camera cozy the very next day:

Camera Cozy

I used leftover Cascade 220 Tweed and some Cascade 220 in a green color to break the monotony of the grey. Even though he specifically requested the tweed yarn, I just couldn't do it. His wardrobe leans towards the monochromatic side, which is fine because he's a snazzy dresser, and he would have been plenty happy with a plain grey cozy, but no. I need color in my life.

It's a simple 3x1 rib over 36 (?) stitches on size 5 needles, and I knit until it measured just over 4" and then did a 3 needle bind-off on the inside so that it would fit a 3.71" camera. Although in retrospect I wish I had seamed it using a kitchener stitch, I was just too eager to finish before I saw him that night, and the 3 needle bind-off just felt faster.

I hope everyone in my family wants a camera sock. Because I think I found a lazy clever way to successfully complete my Christmas knitting in time.

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