Monday, February 20, 2006

Grow, Little Shawl, Grow!

The Paisley Lace Shawl, she grows!

I am on the 8th repeat of the pattern (each time you repeat the pattern, it grows by one eyelet. So repeat one has one eyelet, repeat 2 has 2, repeat 3 has 3, and so forth. Thus, being 8 repeats into 13 is not exactly...a whole lot. It's actually rather pathetic).

I will never finish this before the Knitting Olympics (and the real Olympics) are over. To be fair, I was excessively lazy about this. But I don't think 16 days is reasonable in terms of finishing a whole lace shawl. Not for me. I mean, I'm a decent knitter, but I'm not great. And even though there is already one mistake on this particular version of the shawl (oh yes, this is V2.0), and I'm not going to rip it back, it's more important to me to have a correct shawl than to have a "finished" shawl. So I'm going ot take my time. If I don't get a "gold medal," then I don't. At least I'll have finished my first piece of real lace knitting (I don't think Branching Out really counts...)

I am so proud of this piece of knitting right now. It's my baby.

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